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Our contact details / details
Company name: Liviu Sabina Dakota S.L.
Tax number (C.I.F.): B76722735
Tel.: +34 922-048-935
Customer service: Avda. Juan Carlos I, Los Cristianos, Arona, S / C de Tenerife, 38650

Before starting shopping, please register your details. Following registration you will be able to log in with your username and password. Before approving your details, you will have the opportunity to check that they are correct and edit them, as well as request deleting your details from our system via email at any time. You can also make purchases in our webstore without registration. Browsing the Oasis Excursion webstore and viewing texts and products do not require registration, either.

Orders and prices
Placing an order is regarded as a written contract established in Spanish between the buyer and Liviu Sabina Dakota S.L.. Liviu Sabina Dakota S.L. keeps a record of orders which buyers can access at any time.

Products purchased in the Oasis Excursion webstore may not be resold.

On the product listing pages and on the pages of individual products you can place products into your Basket by clicking on the Basket function, but this does not yet constitute a purchase. Once you approve your Basket, the order is sent to Checkout. Before approving the order you can check and modify the contents of the Basket or cancel your order. The details of orders already placed can no longer be modified.

The Oasis Excursion webstore will send you a confirmation email of your order.

All prices shown include VAT.

Using the Webshop
While using the Webshop visitors are in connection with Liviu Sabina Dakota S.L. Use of the Webshop is free of charge. Visitors use its pages at their own risk. However, visitors who cause a technical malfunction of the website or the system that transmits its contents to visitors and other persons shall be liable for all damages resulting from such malfunction.
The word "Excursion" will be termed as the meaning to any excursions, water parks, theme parks, boat tips etc that is advertised on our web site.
Oasis Excursion Webshop is purely acting as a selling ticket agency only and has permission to sell tickets on behalf of the all the excursions listed on our web site. Oasis Excursion Webshop and do not own or are responsible for any of the excursions or transport offered by the excursion trip that is listed on our web site.
The Client and Oasis Excursion Webshop have the right to terminate any Services for any reason, including the ending of services that are already under way. No refunds shall be offered, where a Service is deemed to have begun. All excursions paid for but not attended by the purchaser, shall be deemed to have taken place in their absence and therefore not eligible for a refund.
All local and national laws and regulations including health and safety, quality control, plus full risk liability insurance is the sole responsibility of each excursion and not Oasis Excursion Webshop. Oasis Excursion Webshop do not inspect and therefore cannot accept any responsibility or liability. It is a condition of each booking that all clients aware of these conditions before a payment is paid.
Oasis Excursion Webshop cannot be accept liability for any death, personal injury, sickeness, accident, loss including theft suffered on any excursions.
Oasis Excursion Webshop will make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information stated on our web site is correct at the time of booking. However some changes may occur or become unavailable, we will tell as soon as possible once we have become notified ourselves.
All children must be supervised at all times by an adults on all excursions.

Payment methods
The payment method can be selected at the time of the order. If due to technical reasons the price is shown incorrectly on the page, we will be unable to accept the order and will contact the customer via telephone.
1. Cash payment at customer service
2. Online payment with a bank card through Barion.
3. Paying with Paypal.

Guarantee / warranty  
To validate any warranty claim relating to the product you will need the invoice issued by Liviu Sabina Dakota S.L., which is attached to it. The warranty period will run from the day you receive the product - in the present case the day of successful delivery.

The warranty does not cover
Damages resulting from improper use (as specified in the instructions for use) or violent impacts damage or destruction of the product which you have demonstrably received due to a damage event within the competence of the person who ordered it cases in which the product has been repaired or converted by you or any other person not representing Liviu Sabina Dakota S.L. defects indicated in the instructions for use and known to you, on account of which you have received a discount.

The Oasis Excursion webshop reserves the right to amend prices and will not assume liability for errors outside our competence, be they printing or technical errors. The Oasis Excursion webshop reserves the right to terminate promotions without prior notice.

Any modification will take effect with its online appearance in the store.

The products found on the pages of the Oasis Excursion webshop are usually on stock. If, however, after placing the order it is found that the given product is out of stock, Oasis Excursion webshop will contact the client, and either the order is modified or we will refund the amount paid. We refuse any damage claims arising from this.

Purchase price of the product
In every case the gross retail price shown next to the products!

If the product ordered is unsuitable for any reason, and the buyer requests its exchange, then the costs are due to the buyer. Replacement can be made on the next working day after the request.
You can use the price of the product to be exchanged towards purchases and may also choose further products.
If you have paid with a bank card, refunds will be carried out by debiting your bank account within 14 days.
If your bank account has changed after your purchase, please advise us of your new account number.

You are on the business day prior to the day of service, it is entitled to withdraw from this contract without any justification.

If you wish to exercise your right of withdrawal/termination, you must send a clear declaration containing your intent to withdraw from/terminate the contract via email to one of the contact details indicated in the "Our contact details" / details item.

Template for declaration on withdrawal/termination
(to be filled in and returned to us only if you wish to withdraw from/terminate the contract)

I/we the undersigned declare my/our intent to exercise my/our right of withdrawal/termination regarding the contract aimed at the sale and purchase of the following product(s) or provision of the following service:
Execution date of the contract /date of receipt (The product or service that is the subject of the contract should be indicated here):
Name of the consumer(s):
Address of the consumer(s):

You are exercising your right of withdrawal/termination in due time if you send your declaration on withdrawal/termination before the deadline indicated above.

Money can only be refunded in person or via bank transfer.  

Legal consequences of withdrawal/termination 
If you withdraw from the present contract, we shall immediately, but at most within 14 days of receiving your declaration of withdrawal, refund all amounts you have paid. For the refund we shall use the same method used in the original transaction, unless you have specifically consented to using a different payment method. You will not incur any extra charges due to use of such payment method.

Limitation of liability
Making a purchase on the website of Oasis Excursion webshop and in the webshop implies that the buyer is aware of and accepts the capabilities and limitations of the internet, particularly with regard to technical performance and possible errors. Oasis Excursion webshop shall in no way be held responsible for any direct or indirect damages occurring during or due to their connection to the Oasis Excursion webshop. Visitors to the website must assess how they can protect their details stored on their computer from intruders. Oasis Excursion webshop shall not accept responsibility for any fraudulent acts committed by a third party against visitors. In the event that a visitor violates any of the regulations in any way, Oasis Excursion webshop may at its discretion declare their registration, order, or purchase invalid, which decision may not be appealed by the buyer.

Further information
By placing an order via the website of Oasis Excursion webshop all buyers declare that they accept the present Code of Business and the terms and conditions of purchase and that they are familiar with the order procedure. We will only be able to consider orders as accepted and register them if the buyer fills in all fields with their real details during the registration process and when placing an order. Oasis Excursion webshop shall not accept responsibility for damages resulting from non-compliance with this requirement or for technical problems that arise during this process.

Any part of the website, including images and texts may only be used with prior written consent of the operator of Oasis Excursion webshop and with indication of the source! The written consent of the operator of Oasis Excursion webshop is also required for creating a link to the site.

Orders are considered electronically established contracts, which are governed by Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code and Act CVIII of 2001 on certain aspects of electronic commerce and information society services. The contract falls within the scope of Government Decree No 45/2014 (II.26.) on the detailed rules of contracts between consumers and enterprises, and takes into account the provisions of Directive 2011/83/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council on consumer rights.

With regard to the warranty and guarantee obligations of the Vendor the provisions of the Civil Code and Decree No 19/2014. (IV.29.) NGM of the Ministry of National Economy apply.

Data protection
During the placement of orders we only request such information from our customers that are absolutely necessary for fulfilling the order. We manage these data confidentially and do not disclose them to third parties, with the exception of information absolutely necessary for shipping or delivering the given product.

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