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Privacy Policy

1. Data controller
Company name: Liviu Sabina Dakota S.L.
Name of the company: Oasis II. Excursion
Registered office: Avda. Moscú Num. 10 P5A, Los Cristianos, Arona, S/C de Tenerife, 38660
Company registration number: B76722735
Electronic contact:
Person authorized for representation: Beniamin Iosif Breban

2. Rules of data management
The validity of this Privacy Statement is from 25 May, 2018 until withdrawal.

As the operator of (hereinafter referred to as the “website"), Liviu Sabina Dakota S.L. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") informs its visitors that it only handles personal information in relation to this website as defined in this Privacy Policy.

This information is made on the basis of the Company's Data Protection and Privacy Policy, its scope extends to all processes carried out by the Company during the operation of the website during which the handling of personal data according to § 3(2) of the Hungarian Act CXII of 2011 on the right to informational self-determination and freedom of information (hereinafter referred to as “Infotv”) and as determined in Regulation (EC) No. 2016/679 is realized.

The concepts in this information are the same as the explanatory notes specified in § 3 of Infotv.

The Company declares that personal data is handled only in order to exercise its rights or to fulfill its obligations. The personal data handled are not used for private purposes, and data management will always comply with the purpose limitation principle - if the purpose of data management is terminated or data management is otherwise illegal, the data will be deleted.

The Company manages personal data only on the prior consent of the concerned party or in a special case prescribed by law.
The purpose of this information is to provide the data subject with the purpose of the data management as well as the legal basis for data handling and all relevant information on data management before registering the data.

Employees handling information at the Company's departments are required to keep the personal information they are aware of as business secrets. For this purpose, our employees who handle personal data and have access to them have made a Declaration of confidentiality.

The Company's current managing director defined the organization of data protection, the scope of duties and responsibilities on data protection and related to it and assigned the person for the supervision of data management, taking into account the specificities of the Company.

Employees of the Company will ensure that unauthorized persons cannot access personal information during their work. The storage and placement of personal data is designed in a way that they shall not be available, recognizable, altered or destroyed by an unauthorized person.

3. Enforcement of the rights of those concerned
A natural person, who can be identified directly or indirectly based on personal data, may request information about the processing of his/her personal data and may request the rectification or - with the exception of data management prescribed by law - the cancellation of his/her personal data through the Company's stated contact details.

The Company will respond in writing and in a legible form within 15 days - in case of exercising the right of protest, within 5 days - of the receipt of the received request related to the management of the data of the person concerned.

The information shall cover the information specified in Infotv, where the information of the person concerned cannot be denied by law. The information is, in principle, free of charge, reimbursement of expenses may only be charged by the Company in a cases specified by Infotv.

The Company may refuse requests only for reasons specified in the Infotv, this shall be made only in writing, with preliminary notification and reasoning prescribed by the Infotv.

The head of the organizational unit managing the data - if the necessary data and supporting documents are available - corrects the information that is not realistic, and takes steps to delete the processed personal data in case of the existence of the reasons defined by § 17 (2) of Infotv.

For the duration of the assessment of the protest against the handling of the personal data of the person concerned - but for a maximum of 5 days - the data management is suspended by the head of the organizational unit responsible for data processing, examines the substantiation of the protest and makes a decision about which the applicant is informed according to the provisions of §21 (2) of Infotv.
If the protest is justified, the head of the organizational unit managing the data shall act as defined by §21 (3) of the Infotv.

The Company also reimburses any damages caused to others by the unlawful handling of the data of the person concerned or violating the requirements of data security, or the compensation for damages for the infringement of personality rights caused by the Company or by the data processor used by the Company. However our Company is exempt from liability and from the payment of the compensation for damages if it proves that the damage or violation of personality rights of the person concerned was caused by an unavoidable reason beyond the field of data management. Likewise, it does not compensate for damages if it is due to the intentional or gross negligence of the injured party.

The person concerned may contact the National Agency for Data Protection (NAIH) of Hungary with a complaint concerning the data management procedure of the Company:
name: Nemzeti Adatvédelmi és Információszabadság Hatóság
registered office: 1024 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/C.

4. Data management during the use of the Company's website

4.1. Website Privacy Policy
During visits to our site, some data are collected for statistical analysis purposes. The extent of such data is described below. Such data is collected exclusively for internal use, which is primarily designed to improve our website to better adapt to your business or personal needs. Piwik tools are used to track visits ( During a visit, we collect and analyze the following data sent by your browser to our server. We collect data using JavaScript, which runs on all pages of our website. JavaScript places a tracking cookie on your computer to help identify your individual visits and recognize repeated visits to our site.

The following data are collected:
- Request (the requested data file name) (e.g. with the parameters (e.g.
- Browser type and version number (e.g. Internet Explorer 6.0)
- Browser language (eg. German)
- Operating system (e.g. Windows XP)
- The internal resolution of the browser window
- Screen Resolution
- Active JavaScript
- Installed extensions (Java, Flash, Real, Quicktime, ...)
- Cookies off/on
- Color depth
- Linked URL (the page you have visited previously and its parameters, such as searched items in a search engine)
- IP address to identify the visitor's country. The IP address itself is used solely for the purpose of identifying the geographic location and the service provider, and will be immediately deleted.
- Date and time of entry
- Clicks

4.2. Contacting the Company, registration
On the Company’s website, visitors have the opportunity to contact the Company: by filling in a form, you can give the relevant information necessary for getting into contact. However, the person concerned can only send the data if he/she accepts the data management rules of the Company, which can be done by checking a check box, otherwise the visitor will not be able to send the message.

The legal basis for this data management is the consent of the person concerned [Infotv.], accordingly "concerning the personal data given by the person concerned in another case initiated for the request of the person concerned, the consent of the person concerned shall be presumed.”

purpose of data management: to facilitate the contact with the Company, registration

range of managed data: name, contact details, email address, phone number, subject of contacting, order details

legal basis for data management: consent of the person concerned according to Infotv.

deadline for data storage: if the person concerned does not become a customer of the Company, then until the contact is settled (until the target is reached), if the person concerned becomes a customer of the Company, in the case of customer relationship, as long as the person concerned is the customer of the Company
data storage method: electronic

4.3. Data management for customer relationship via newsletter
For the purpose of establishing closer contacts with the partners and the interested parties, the Company operates a newsletter for customer relationship, informing the interested parties of current events and all relevant information. A natural person can subscribe to the newsletter by providing name and e-mail address, prior to giving the consent to the rules of data management.

All posted newsletters include direct unsubscribe options.

During the customer relationship, the Company sends relevant information to those customers who subscribe to the Company's newsletter or as customers have contributed to such inquiries.

- purpose of data management: keep in touch with customers, partners and interested parties via newsletters
- range of managed data: name, e-mail address, company name, phone number
- legal basis for data handling: consent according to Infotv.
- deadline for data storage: until cancelling the subscription

5. Deleting data, unsubscribe
To delete registered data and to unsubscribe from the newsletter, click on "Contact" on the website, and send a short message. Any data whose retention is required by a law cannot be deleted.

6. The legal relationship of the parties
Concerning the legal status of the parties, until the adoption of the national legislation, Hungarian law is applicable.

7. Issues not specified in this information
In matters not covered by this information, the rules of Infotv. shall apply.

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