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Hiking routes

The island has many hiking and trekking fans from all around the globe. It has many types of routes and it doesn’t matter if you are experienced or a beginner – there are easy walking paths as well. Like a palette of colors, Tenerife has many faces. Which one do you prefer?

Southern Area

A desert-like land with succulent plants and two notable volcanoes: Montana Amarilla and Montana Roja.
Level: easy.
Please always wear sun protection!

Costa del SilencioCosta del SilencioEl MédanoEl Médano

Northern Area

Surprisingly different. Wild-looking mountains and beautiful view. Anaga is a must-see!
Level: medium to hard.
Please, bring a suitable footwear for your trips!


Forestal Area

If you long for the sweet scent of the Canary Pine and fresh air, seek for the areas below the Teide Crater level. Santiago del Teide or Tijoco Alto are good spots to start!
Level: easy to medium.
Please note that there are no dangerous wildlife in Tenerife so don’t be afraid!

Santiago del TeideSantiago del TeideErjosSantiago del Teide

Barranco areas (Gorges)

Tenerife is full of barrancos because of past’s vulcanic activities. Hiking in one of them is a real local experience so give it a go!
Level: varies
Take care and unless you are really experienced, never go alone for the adventure. Look for the safe and guided ones. There are cactus species around and rocks that need to be climbed so dress and prepare accordingly.


Teide National Park

The crater of Teide is a moon-like land and it was chosen as the filming location for some Star Wars scenes. Do you want to be a part of it?
Level: easy
Warning: getting lost there is easier than you think. Never wander away from your group! Also, please note that the weather up there can be chilly!

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Photo source: Zsuzsanna Vörös

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